Monday, February 27, 2012

Have you seen any great
travel wardrobe sites or posts?

My husband, who retired early from the corporate world and now is a college professor, will be teaching in London this summer (before the Olympics)! I am so excited to be able to go along! We will be in London for 5 weeks. From there we will spend a few nights in Amsterdam, then 2 weeks in Germany.

Ideally I want to take one suitcase and a small carry I crazy?

I need your help! Have you seen any great blog posts or websites that show you great combinations of clothing from a few simple pieces?


Something along the lines of the above polyvore... but that shows more pieces?

How about shoes? Can you recommend any comfortable shoes that I can walk miles in, that look somewhat stylish and that will go with most outfits? I am crazy!

I think I'm starting to panic. We leave in May!


  1. try travel smith,
    Not sure if they have combinations shown on their website, but the clothes are designed for travel and packing and less wrinkles. I wore several items while in Paris and loved the clothes.

    1. They do have lots of nice looking things that don't look too touristy. I'm really liking the Iridescent Leopard A-Line Raincoat.

      It's lightweight and packable and I think it could look dressy when the occasion calls for that. All of my rain-wear...and I have lots of it here in Portland, is too heavy to pack. Thank you Jackie!

      PS...I see a series of Birds in Paris in your future! :)

  2. I did just see something the other day...gosh where was that. I'll send if I see it! Something about picking one color like blue or black and dressing around it.

    I did it with a carry on bag...and 2 laundry opportunities though. My suggestion is, cardigans, scarves, a jersey dress. I brought 2 pairs of shoes- some bensimmon slip ons and a pair of ASOS chelsea ankle boots that I slipped some Dr. Scholls inserts into. Promise me you won't take a pair of Nikes, just promise ;) Even some Merrill flats.

    I liked this post from Oh Happy Day and wish I had her shoes!

    1. I'm glad you were able to do it with a carry on bag! I think I can do it. Last year when we went to Europe I was able to do it and we also had a couple of laundry opportunities. I just can't bear to bring all of the same clothes again this year...hence the post. I think what I'll do is change the accent color...which was coral...and work from there.

      Shoes...yikes!!! I really don't want to wear athletic shoes the whole time! Love the travel outfit on ohhappyday. It's great to have a go to travel outfit.

  3. Try the Italian Geox shoes--they're comfortable and not clunky!
    And no, you're not crazy for going light! Just be sure you pack clothes you can layer to stay warm when needed. Happy Trails!