Monday, February 27, 2012

Have you seen any great
travel wardrobe sites or posts?

My husband, who retired early from the corporate world and now is a college professor, will be teaching in London this summer (before the Olympics)! I am so excited to be able to go along! We will be in London for 5 weeks. From there we will spend a few nights in Amsterdam, then 2 weeks in Germany.

Ideally I want to take one suitcase and a small carry I crazy?

I need your help! Have you seen any great blog posts or websites that show you great combinations of clothing from a few simple pieces?


Something along the lines of the above polyvore... but that shows more pieces?

How about shoes? Can you recommend any comfortable shoes that I can walk miles in, that look somewhat stylish and that will go with most outfits? I am crazy!

I think I'm starting to panic. We leave in May!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

There is much to celebrate!

photo via adoseofshipboy/flickr

Update on my mom!

On October 11, 2011, my 87 year old mom had a major stroke that affected her right side. The day after the stroke her neurologist at Stanford told my dad, sister and me that most likely she would never regain use of her right arm and might be able to move her right leg slightly. She had no speech.

Today, a little over 4 months later, she has just dropped from 6 days a week of physical, occupational and speech therapy to 3 days a week. She is able to move her right arm up and down and sideways. She is able to walk with a walker, holding on with both hands. Her rock star therapists are also starting to have her walk with just a cane! She is able to speak very slowly. She continues to progress and has an unending positive attitude. And best of all...she will be moving back home with my dad in several weeks.

I now know a lot about strokes, the rehabilitation process and the medicare system. I have been spending a fair amount of time in California visiting and helping my mom and dad. I am so excited that they will be back together again soon...and begin living their new normal.

In the mean their wonderful retirement community...they are getting back into their busy social lives...last week a birthday party for my dad and brunch with friends. Tonight...a Mardi-Gras party!