Friday, January 13, 2012

California Dreaming

Every year...about this time...when the grayness of Oregon's winter is all around me...I dream of moving to California! The hardest part for me would be deciding where would I want to live? Hmmmm. Tops on my list are Plymouth...a little tiny town about 45 minutes from Sacramento set in rolling hills and oak trees. Ojai...funky, hot and close enough to the beach... and on my list is Playa del Rey...West Los Angeles area. But only if I can live in this house!

for sale $649,000

I am absolutely crazy about this house! This house is screaming my name! This is the house of my dreams on a cold and gray Oregon day.

I love all of the light brought in by the huge windows! Love the wooden beamed ceilings, love the open floor plan, love how it's hidden away from the street, love the simplicity and love that you can see the ocean off in the distance.

How about you? Are you enjoying your winter?


  1. really loving this Oregon it really Oregon this year? Although I hear from the weather man that the sun is leaving. I lived in CA for 8 years...wouldn't go back even though we lived in Napa Valley. I could be tempted to move to Santa Barbra though if I had the money!

  2. OOh I love it too! Those big windows are dreamy. I bet there's even a peach or orange tree in the backyard!