Monday, September 26, 2011

Find Mark Bosworth-UPDATE

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Mark Bosworth-The Cycle Oregon Volunteer-Missing since Sept. 16, 2011

Details on Mark’s confusion at the time of his disappearance

People who had contact with Mark at the Cycle Oregon event the night he went missing said he was confused and didn’t remember where he had set up his tent. Just two days earlier, in a call to his wife, Mark insisted he was in Ontario, Canada. “He said that Cycle Oregon had surprised everyone by chartering a plane and had flew them all, including their bikes, to Canada,” shared Julie. “He said it was mentioned on the Cycle Oregon website.” He sounded convincing. 

Later, Julie checked back with Mark. He told her he had been waking up from a very vivid dream when he talked with her earlier, and that’s why he had said he was in Canada. Mark has battled cancer twice in the past. Doctors and family now fear his confusion may indicate a new cancer. 

Spreading the word ‘everywhere’ in the world

After wrapping up the search in Riddle and surrounding areas, the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office told Mark’s family and volunteers, he may be “anywhere in the world.” With Mark’s confusion, here are some of the places he may be trying to reach:

  • New York City -  he lived there for ten years
  • Minnesota and Iowa - his daughters went to college in both states
  • Chicago; Santa Cruz, CA; North Carolina, Missouri and Florida - he has family ties

“Mark is a traveler,” said Julie. “He’s comfortable outdoors, making his way around, talking with strangers.” Mark may not be able to tell a stranger that he lives in Portland right now, but there’s no doubt his passion about forests, trees, climate, geography, topography and biking would come through in a conversation. 

“It won’t be one of us who finds Mark,” said Julie, at her Portland home with her daughters sitting nearby. “It will be a stranger who has seen the flier or news coverage, who  recognizes Mark.”

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  1. That is so sad! His poor family must be beside themselves!! I hope that he is found very soon.