Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Gluten Free in Paris

This post is dedicated Nikki, one of my followers, of Perpetually Engaged blog!

Just look for the bright yellow packaging!

While we were in Paris I sent out an SOS email to my family back in the US to help me find a store in Paris that sold gluten free items. cha-ching! My son quickly emailed me back this list:

Rendez-Vous de la Nature (96 rue Mouffetard in the 5th)
Bio St Germain (30 Blvd St Germain in the 5th)
Espace Bio St Charles (20 rue de l'Eglise in the 15th)

We took a city bus to Bio at 30 Blvd St. Germain. It was easy to find and had a huge selection of breads, including a nice soft baguette, chocolate croissants (which I didn't try), cookies, crackers, even a heat and eat ravioli dish (which was OK, not great). It was a whole back wall filled of gluten free goodness. I stocked up and I was able to enjoy picnic lunches all over Paris! I had no need to check out the other stores but was happy to know about them!


  1. Well! That settles it, now I can go back!! ;)

  2. Good! Paris is a city that requires many, many visits. I forgot that you too, are a gluten free family. Go to the gf store right away and bring some extra zip-locks so you can stow away your gluten free goodies in your purse.

  3. I LOVE YOU! This is awesome, thank you so much. I'll be taking the hubby there. Whole foods has those schar wafers too. I was contemplating an icebox cake using them.