Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summer Reading

There's nothing like a book so good that you just can't put it down. Photo by Paul Bence

If you are looking for a great book to read you should check out Tales of Whimsy where you will find a short and sweet glimpse of what the featured book is about. And reading the comments helps you decide if it's a book that you might enjoy.

What are you reading this summer? I'm just about to start "Voyager"... the 3rd book in the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon.


  1. I'm reading the Sookie Stackhouse series because we cancelled HBO, so I lost my True Blood fix.

  2. I am part of a book club, and this month we're diving into Jane Eyre! Not a fast read like all the other books we've been reading... but I'm going to persevere!

  3. Thanks for folowing my blog!! Yay!!!!