Monday, June 6, 2011

Packing Tips

Joyce in Italy wearing the scarf and adorable belt.
It's vacation season!!! My adorable, traveling, friend, Joyce is just back from a month long trip to Italy and has shared some of her great packing tips with me.

She takes only a carry-on size suitcase and takes as little as possible. This trip she took all black, white and charcoal so that she could easily mix and match. (She did do laundry one time on the trip.) Her two most important tips are take a fun scarf (see the bright pink scarf) and a fun belt to change things up even more.  She always looks so great in all of her travel photos. Actually...she always looks great.

She's also added a trendy sweater to her list of "must-haves". It really does make a simple outfit look great.

 Do you have any great packing tips?


  1. Check on the cute scarf! Rolls your clothes...or just buy them while you're there ;)

  2. roll your clothes is a great tip! also like buy them when you are there!

  3. I'm heading to New York with a fellow blogging friend in September and I always overpack... I like the buy while you're there idea!!! :)

  4. New York in September sounds amazing!
    PS...Your blog is looking so great!

  5. Mine would be to pack cottons, silks etc. that travel well and doesn't weigh too much. No linen as that will wrinkle at the teensiest provocation.