Saturday, April 9, 2011

Invite Sal Kahn into your kitchen

A lot of homework happens in the kitchen. I used to love to have my children, who are now recent college graduates, spend time at the kitchen table working on their schoolwork. It was always fun to try to help them when they would get stuck, but there came a point when the questions became too complex. It would have been great to have the help of Sal Kahn!

A clip from the Kahn Academy lesson on Scientific Notation

For all of you parents and students out there, I think you should know about Sal Kahn, the Kahn Academy and the over 2100 free, high quality tutorials that he offers on youtube. And the fact that he makes learning fun.

His mantra...“Watch. Practice. Learn almost—anything for free!”

His videos are not just for school related endeavours. I am going to France this summer and I see that the Kahn Academy has quite a few videos on the French Revolution which will be helpful to watch before the trip.

I'm curious to know if you have heard of Sal Kahn, and if you have ever used his videos.

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