Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Twitter Recipe Contest Winners

Lemon-Thyme Bruschetta. Photo: Ross Hamilton, The Oregonian

I think this is a fabulous idea for a recipe contest! Two weeks ago Food Day of the Oregonian newpaper put out a call for entries for their Twitter Recipe Contest. To enter you had to submit your award worthy recipe in one 140 character or less tweet!

Here are some of the winners!

1st Place
lemon-thyme bruschetta

@rosemarried/Lindsay Strannigan
Mix 8ozRicotta+juice/zest1Lemon+1Tbl Honey+ s&p +1.5tspThyme. Spread over crostini, top w/ honey, fresh thyme
Food Day says: “As for the winners, our top tweet happened to be one of the first we received: Lemon Thyme Bruschetta, which sailed to the top of the heap because of its surprising blend of flavors and textures: lemony ricotta over crusty bread topped with thyme sprigs and a drizzle of honey.” 

2nd Place
beet salad
@GoGingham/Sara Tetreault
Bake 4largebeets@350,covered1hour.Cool.Peel.Dice. Add 1/2Csourcream,1Tonion,1Tlemonjuice, 2Thorseradish.S&P to taste.

3rd Place
smoked salmon hash

@cowboyecho/Clark Haass
1ea sweet/yuk potatoes, sauté 15min, add  1/4 onion, 5min, 8oz smk salm warm, remv. Add 1Tb dill, 3 Tb crème fra‹che, egg.

Most ambitious tweet 
crab ravioli
@stahancyk/SK&H (Stahancyk, Kent & Hook)
Brwn butter&hzlnuts. Mix .5lb crab/8oz mascarpone/1T chives/1tS&P;Fill wont wrap/fold tri;Boil3M;Srv mlt brwn but/nuts&chvs
Food Day Says: “We applaud your confidence in the kitchen and the Twittersphere.”

See more entries and winners here!
Click here learn more about “@cookbook” the inspiration for the contest.


  1. Fun contest! I love the shortened recipes.

  2. I like the shortened recipes too. Wonder if any of the great recipes on your blog (I especially love your mini grilled cheese recipe)are tweetable?

  3. Oh, how I love beets! I'll have to try that recipe!