Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bold Red Islands

Functional kitchen island from Diva

shiny red kitchen set from KicheConcept

A great toolbox design

Dresser upcycled to be a kitchen island

Do you see anything you like? I like the tool box design with the thick countertop. That reminds me...I have a magazine page in my home-design-inspiration-box that features a toolbox as a kitchen island. If I find it I'll post it tomorrow.


  1. I love them. My neighbor just put in red shiny ones from Ikea and they are pretty awesome actually!

  2. Hi Di, I am your newest follower. With all due respect I think the first photo of the red island could pass as a fire truck. lol Too bold for me?

    But I admire people who live in a bold colorful world!


  3. Mo, How nice to see a new follower. Thanks for following!