Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My Ronald McDonald House Kitchen!

This is my favorite kitchen in the whole world... the kitchen at the West Portland Ronald McDonald House, near Doernbecher Children's Hospital, where I am a weekly volunteer. The Ronald McDonald House offers overnight lodging for families with seriously ill children. Some families stay a night...others stay for months.  We have 16 guest rooms at the West Portland location. The East Portland Ronald McDonald House, near Emanuel Hospital, has 24 rooms.

Wonderful things happen in the Ronald McDonald House kitchen. Friendships are formed, meals are enjoyed, smiles and tears are shared. A Hispanic mom taught others how to make homemade corn tortillas. A mom from India prepared an Indian meal for the entire house and volunteers as a way of saying thank you for all of the support and friendship that she was shown during her 6 week stay. A 10 year old boy, battling Leukemia, proudly showed his grandpa how he had learned to crack eggs in this special kitchen.

Community groups bring in some meals or prepare them on-site. And guests are able to make their own meals in the well-equipped kitchen.

As a house volunteer I answer phones, check-in and check-out families, clean rooms, organize closets, make food...whatever needs doing I am happy to do. I love being at the house and am constantly inspired by the brave families that we are lucky enough to have stay with us.

Click here to learn more about Ronald McDonald House Charities and consider how you can become involved with/support this well-run, wonderful organization.


  1. It's wonderful that you are a volunteer at the Ronald Mcdonald house. I know how much it helps parents to be able to stay near their child when they are ill.

  2. Thank you! The Ronald McDonald House is such a special place. It just radiates with love and support. It is so well run and a fantastic place to be able to volunteer. Feel free to call and arrange a tour. We love to give tours.