Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day of the Dead ~ Dia de los Muertos

Today many around the world are celebrating the Day of the Dead ~ Dia del los Muertos. This is a happy day! Friends and families are gathering to remember loved ones who have died. There will be parades, floats and people in costumes. Cemeteries will be busy.  Kitchens will be bustling.  I find the tradition of making altars/shrines/offerandas to honor loved ones especially moving.

Above is a shrine featured on Craft blog
It's a lovely post with some great close ups of this offeranda.

This is part of a shrine photographed by St0rmz.
See more of his lovely photographs on Flickr.

A wonderful desktop shrine (for sale $30) by Silver Moon Gallery.

photo from mexicansugarskulls.com
Sugar skulls and other sweets are found on almost every shrine.  
"Families spare no expense to make the favorite foods of their dearly departed 
who will be visiting their ofrendas to see what's being offered!"
Mexican Sugar Skulls is a great website where you can learn more about 
Dia de los Muertos, see some great photos AND learn how to make your own sugar skulls!

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