Tuesday, October 5, 2010

On the Island...

Today I had painters in the house painting the woodwork framing our new windows.
I needed to clear off some of the table surfaces where they were working so that they
could move the furniture out of their way. So I put those things on the kitchen island
for the day. I've enjoyed having some of my favorite things around me today while
I've been in the kitchen.

The candle and pedestal above were given to me by my parents.  I've adorned them with
river rocks, dried rose buds, coral that I found on the beach in Hawaii and eucalyptus
pods from California.

This is a big, chunky, handmade vase that my creative son made. I just love it's organic form. Blooming behind it is an african violet that is 24 years old!

These are handmade plaques from Mexico that incorporate milagros. One I found in a little
art gallery in Akumal, Mexico. The other one was a gift from some dear friends.

My daughter made this sweet little snowman when she was in 2nd grade. I love it so much
and I keep it out all year round.

The little owl is a Ken Edwards piece found in Mexico. I love owls. My 2008 new year's
resolution was to see an owl in the wild. I spent hours and hours looking and listening and
finally saw one... in 2009.

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